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  RFID - Radio Frequency Identification


RFID is the fastest growing identification technology today. Unlike barcodes RFID tags do not have to be in line of sight to be read and up to 1,000 tags can be read simultaneously.

RFID tags can be read/write meaning that data can be recorded on the tag itself. Storage capacity varies from 1 bit, used in security applications, to 512 bits, used to store data that needs to travel with the product, such as in, food distribution. Data can be recorded throughout the distribution cycle without the need of a centralized computer system.

RFID tags come in a variety of physical forms, shapes, sizes, and protective housings to meet particular application needs.

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Fixed Asset Management Software,  Asset Tracking, Asset Identification, Check In/Out, Asset Maintenance, Asset Depreciation. Includes asset barcode labels, Dell Axim PDA with PocketPC, TraxFast STD software and user manual.


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